1. KEEP YOUR COMPUTER CLEAN - I could start by saying, “Don’t eat or drink while using your computer!” But, that’s just not realistic. We put in long hours and usually eat while working, so this is not a reasonable ask. However, as the crumbs and greasy fingerprints build up, please take time to CLEAN YOUR LAPTOP.

  1. RESTART YOUR MACHINE ONCE IN AWHILE. By restarting your computer, you allow it to install all recent updates. With constant threats to security, most software companies make updates very often. If you don’t restart often, when you do your computer will download all the updates since your last reboot. If it’s been a long time since your last restart, the update can take a long time. 

  1. Along with restarting, LOGOUT WHEN YOU AREN’T USING YOUR MACHINE. Many of us have sensitive information or access to important documents on our machines. If you leave your machine logged in and someone else does something malicious under your username, you will be the one at fault. Note: To logout: Go to the Windows icon (lower left corner of the screen), then click the power icon, choose Restart.